Photocredits: Albi Schneider

Engineer, photographer, rock climber, traveller

Andrea Baechstaedt Photography

Being a mechanical engineer by profession and a passionate rock climber in my free time, I get the possibility to travel often. Furthermore I am living in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany – the Frankenjura – which provides me also with a lot of motives.

My DSLR “career” started in 2015 with a Nikon D3200. Making lots pictures and liking long time exposures, I switched the D3200 for a D500 after two years.

However, I was getting more and more fascinated by night sky photograhpy and so came the unevitable full frame Nikon D850 in 2019.

Most of my lenses are original Nikkor lenses, not to forget my two old analogue lenses, which I like a lot.

Especially for the night sky photography I am using a Nikkor 20 mm f 1.8 fixed focal distance lens.

After trying single frames and stacks with light- and dark frame, I am using meanwhile a star tracking device for the night sky photography, which enables me to have a shutter speed up to 3 minutes at least. The foreground and the background of all night sky pictures are taken in the same place with just a few minutes time in between.

Please note, that the pictures on this side are just showing an overview of my work and are not in original quality due to short loading time of the pages.

If you are interested to purchase any of these pictures in high quality please feel free to contact me.