Lofoten Archipelago

The latest photography adventure from January / February 2020.
With the most beautiful light I ever had, because of staying “Golden Hour” for the whole day.


The first sole “travelling for photography” project in March 2019. Hope to be able to going back there soon.


Love to shoot animals, but just with my camera.
Some are from out in the wild and some are from a wild park near where I am living.

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Rock Climbing

Sometimes one has to have a rest day – good possibility to take climbing pictures than.

Night Sky

Starting with Milky Way photography in 2018, this is the art of taking pictures I am dedicated to most. All adventurous and exciting, beeing out there alone in the dark.

Panoramic Views

With the night sky came the panoramic views – what is more impressive (and time consuming) than a whole milky way arch?


Landscapes from different countries, I’ve been to for work, climbing holidays or “just” for photography.


This is where I am living – the “Frankenjura” in Germany – a most famous area for rock climbing too.